Seany's Longscale ASAPJ for DADGAD tuning

Seany's ASAPJ Cutaway Longscale.

This is Seany's second acoustic from me. He totally wore out the first! This guitar is designed for dropped tuning which is the tuning Seany typically uses. The longer scale (690mm - 27") increases the tension on each string which means that when the tuning is dropped the lowered strings are at 'normal' tension an so do not lose tone or become floppy - both of these are typical problem with dropped tunings on regular scale instruments. Additionally with dropped tunings intonation suffers. This guitar is intoned for dropped tunings so plays in tune up the neck!

The back and sides are Irish walnut with a top of western red cedar so expect a warm sound. The neck is a laminate of sapele and maple and has a two way trussrod fited under the ebony fingerboard. The zero fret gives consistent sound to the fretted or open strings. The bridge, which houses a Highlander IP-1 pickup, is ebony and the solid wood rosette is walnut. He's a fine player and the guitar he designed suits the way he performs, not surprisingly!

Apart from the way the Longscale handles low tuning, the scale length allows a baritone tuning (B,E,A,D,F#,B) which opens up all sorts of possibilities as the overtones the this tuning brings with it makes music sound new.