SC5 with headstock

SC5 with Headstock.

The through neck Singlecut basses come in various flavours - 4,5 and 6 string with headstock or headless. This SC5 is the headed version and has a lot of fine Irish woods in it. The top is Irish maple which has some unusual colours in it and the 'wings' on the through neck are beautiful Irish fiddleback sycamore. The neck itself is a laminate of hard maples and sapele and has carbon fibre reinforcement bars as well as a two way acting trussrod. The way the neck and body are one piece from the 12th fret adds great stiffness and presence to the sound. The body style gives great access to the high end of the rosewood fretboard. Two custom made Larkin/Armstrong humbuckers provide the signal to the EBS two band active EQ which also has a passive tone control. A miniswitch converts the humbuckers to single coil mode so big choice of tones before touching the EQ section. Can handle all styles on stage or in the studio.