I am lucky enough to be able to build a wide variety of instruments and I really enjoy the challenge this brings - and I don't get a chance to get stale! Each type of instrument has it's own particular construction techniques but there are lots of things in common -  a basic underlying understanding of sound creation and a feel for the way wood works. Although I have made a large number of instruments over quite a few years I'm always learning something new with each new guitar  and always wanting to use my experience and intuition in an attempt to make the next one better.

As a hand maker I can build completely custom instruments when asked to. But not everybody wants a completely custom instrument although almost all of my customers want to have input into the build process. To this end I have created some standard ranges within which it is possible to shape the finished instrument uniquely to best suit the player's needs.

When I started building I followed tradition and used the normally accepted tonewoods all the time but, as the years went on, I started to source and incorporate as many Irish grown hardwoods in my instruments as I could with excellent results in both appearance and tone. This is something I am very keen to continue.

Apologies for the quality of some of the pictures. A lot of them have been migrated across from the old site and are not high enough resolution for the new site. I will be replacing them picture by picture but it is a long job as there are so many of them.