Electric Bass Guitars

Three optional styles of solid bodied basses to suit varied playing needs. Each can be customised to better suit what the player requires. Available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and even 9 string versions, fretted or fretless, active or passive.

The Reacter S range is the original of the species with a glued in neck design that has stood the test of time followed by the Singlecuts (through necks, headless or with headstock) and then the Syras which are bolt-ons with a through neck option.

Apart from the ranges below there are completely custom electric basses some of which can be found in the Instrument's Gallery > Electric Bass Guitars.

The Syra Basses

The Syra Range of BassesThe newest additions to the bass family.After finally building headless basses I had to gave in to the customers who told me that they preferred a bolt-on neck designThe Syra Range comes in two versions, the bolt on neck Syra 4,5 or 6 string and through…

Singlecut Basses

After almost 25 years I have a new bass range! The idea for singlecut basses came from Joe Gershberg of Joey G Guitars. I had never liked the idea of headless basses for a number of reasons and seldom made through neck instruments either. But these have both and work…

The Reacter S range

The REACTER S range of electric bass guitars. The first REACTER S basses (just called Reacters at the time) were built around 1983 as the bass version of the ASAD guitar range with the same concepts. The idea was to make stylish, versatile, compact, solid bodied, fixed neck basses that…