CLC Newsletter June 2017.

Chris Larkin Custom Newsletter June 2017.

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Hello again from the West coast of Ireland,

Live dangerously has never been my motto. So why was I doing this?


We were in the garden and happened to look up and see that some of the lead flashing that seals the joint of the wall and Syra's gallery from the weather was loose. Somebody had to do it. Three ladders, some webbing and some serious leg cramps later the job was done. Don't do this at home!

This is more my style. I collected several barrowloads of horse dung from the fields around us. What other Newsletter would show you such exciting pictures?

This beautiful natural fertiliser was dug into the ground where veggies were planted. Syra was busy with one of the planters.


Also in the garden all the Cordelines started to blossom. Best show in years. These blossoms smell really great and, after placing part of one in the conservatory, the whole house is infused with fragrance.

This is one of the Cordelines with blossoms. Picture taken with red light from the sunset.


   Tech Bit - New Tools.  

One of the guys who visited with Bob Taylor was Paul Akers whose company Fastcap makes great products for woodworkers. One of these is called GluBots. Such a clever idea. A glue bottle that does not clog. Comes in three sizes with variable tips. I've got the set! 


He also does lots of other tools and I have a fret cutter which has compound action and will cut stainless frets.

He is also a talented photographer and produced all the videos for Bob Taylor's World Forestry Tour which included a visit to the workshop in May. He is a polymath and owner of a Chris Larkin T shirt!

In the Workshop.

Finished a very pretty Parlour for the Stocklist. This one has a back and sides of figured black walnut with a spruce top. Normally I like to finish my acoustic instruments with a silk lacquer which, I think, makes them look 'woody'! This one cried out for a full gloss.

My first Parlour without a slotted headstock. I think it looks good. More pics in the Stocklist section below.


Something else. What do you think this is? 


Answer next month (I hope!)


Not in the Workshop.

Lots of pics from customers this month. 
My nephew Dylan in Brisbane with his 5B which, apparently he never puts down!


My Younger Twin looking cool with Bedivere and shades. When he plays I get emotional!


Long time friend Andy Pirchner and great singer/guitarist with his ASAD Custom.....

and his bassplayer in Lovechild, Tom Heinelt and his 5B.


Leonardo Meeting.

The final meeting of the current Leonardo Guitar Research Project was held in France towards the end of May. The project has been extensively mentioned in the Newsletter over the last few years and has demonstratively had an effect on the perception of players, luthiers and manufacturers regarding the use of non-tropical woods in guitar making. It has been a privilege to have been part of it and to work with the team. The Project will be moving into a new phase in the future and you will hear about that in a later Newsletter. These are the members who were at the French meeting. Not everybody who had contributed so much was able to attend.




T-Shirts and Straps. 

T-shirts (same old logo) and only in black, M, L, XL and 2XL) available. Price is held at €15 each and postage will depend on where you live. These are going well.


The new batch of the exciting Chris Larkin Custom straps are in stock. These are highest quality Levy's Leathers straps custom made with an embossed leather oval. Price is also €15 with the postal shipping costs depending on where you live.  


I can't guarantee that these will improve your playing but they will certainly lift your image!

If you would like to purchase either of these items please contact me and we can sort it out.    


The Stocklist.

I try to keep some instruments in the workshop for visitors to try. These instruments are also for sale. 

If you remember I have been trying for some months to make an acoustic guitar to have in the workshop for players to try and to add to the Stocklist. And here it is! A pretty Parlour.


Here are some pics of what else is in stock at the moment. There are more details and pictures on the Stocklist page of the website.
A beautiful ASAS Archtop Jazzer  This is an exceptional instrument with the classic combination of spruce and Irish fiddleback sycamore in a cherry sunburst.


An ASAPB5 acoustic bass guitar with back and sides of Irish walnut, adjustable bridge and RMC pickups. This one is amazingly loud acoustically and has that 'woody' sound.


For solid bodied basses there is a Syra 4, passive in fetching pink...  

 ...and an SC5 throughneck with headstock in figured Irish maple and all the active EQ trimmings.


These instruments are all available to try if you visit the workshop and if you would like to know more about any of them please contact me and I'll be glad to help.  


Last Sunday Syra and I hung some of her pictures ready for the K Fest which starts on June 2nd and runs until June 4th in Killorglin, over the mountain from us.


Her work will be on show in Boyles Hardware, 1 Langford St. along with 17 other artists. Should be really colourful. As her Lovely Assistant I may make the odd appearance!


...Finally ...(B)...

At the Cordefactum event in Belgium in April I met both of the students from the CMB Luthiery School in Puurs, Belgium who survived a couple weeks in the workshop doing their work placements as part of the Leonardo Project with me. They worked together to build some ukes and here are the results. First Simon...

...and then Koen.

Great guys with great futures.

 ...Finally, finally...  

Syra and I attended Feile na Bealtaine Music and Arts Fair in Dingle over the bank holiday April/May and enjoyed the exhibitions and other stuff. We were walking up Green Street past the church when we heard the sound of singing. We looked inside and saw a choir and orchestra rehearsing for a performance later that evening. It was magical experience. Tickets for the performance were sold out so we are lucky to hear them rehearse.

And one more thing. More than 35 years ago I made furniture for a while to supplement my income as I developed the market for my guitars. Friends of ours recently sold their holiday home and offered Syra and I the dresser and table that I had made for them. You know the saying that the shoemaker's children are barefoot? Well we had no piece of furniture I had made in the house. Until now!


Thanks to Declan and Heather.


  ....So Finally, Finally, Finally....

If you have any ideas for the Newsletter, would like to send me a recipe, an article for inclusion, want to promote your band (if it has one or more of my instruments in it), an event, pics of your Larkin, any YouTube video of you playing one of my instruments or anything else suitable, contact me and I'll see what I can do.  Feel free to forward this Newsletter to anybody who it might interest. The mailing list can be joined by filling in the form at the bottom of any page on the website.