SC5 bass with headstock

SC5 in Irish maple

The singlecut design, both headless or, like this one, with a headstock is favoured by many bassplayers for two main reasons - the extra stiffness it gets from the body joining the neck at fret 12 and the complete access to the higher frets. This SC5 has a through neck of maple and sapele with 'wings' of flamed Irish sycamore. The top is figured Irish maple. It looks stunning with the silk finish showing off the wood quality. Two Larkin/Armstrong custom made humbuckers create the sound which can be modified using the EBS 2 band active EQ and there is a passive tone control as well. The humbuckers can be switched from series to parallel coils using the mini switch. The result is a huge tonal palette. Due to the design the slim neck feels as if it gets thinner the further up it you play. So it plays great, it looks great, it sounds great and this rare example is available now to buy from the workshop. Let me know if I can tell you more.